LinkedIn Followers & Connections:

LinkedIn is powerful when it comes to business connections, networking and trying to get hired. Large corporations now post jobs on LinkedIn, sometimes even before their own websites. As an outgoing person who loves to attend networking events, it didn’t come to my surprise that I was rapidly growing my LinkedIn connections. A hundred connections, another hundred and another and before I knew it, I reach 450 connections. That’s when it hit me, through my LinkedIn searching, I found that as soon as you hit 500 connections you get a “+” and that’s it. Once you hit that golden number, only you know how many connections you have. 

With more 1st connections, people are more likely going to not only be alerted to your posts, but also more likely to share them to even more connections. Sharing is a numbers game; the more people that see your content, the more likely they are to share it and then, their friends are going to share it and so on. 

(LinkedIn Followers/ Connections minimum order 1k and maximum order 50k)

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